Tech Help Nightmare: Does Not Compute

Miss Crankypants is eternally grateful for the help she received today from a patient gentleman at GoDaddy. She’s been trying for months to get her blog to act like a website. But alas, it wasn’t as easy as the folks at Blogger promised.
Miss CP is now convinced that running the Iditarod in a bikini would have been easier. Although that image does take some getting used to. For two days straight, she stared at a line of gibberish (in tech speak, “code”) that she was afraid to approach. The “code” resembled the aftermath of a cat walking across the keyboard. Miss Cranky stared at said code, getting grouchier by the second. Not a single cat-member of the household volunteered to interpret the code. In fact all three of these miserable cats are on strike, holding out for salmon treats. In your dreams, feline terrorists!
So dear Miss CP turned to the Gates of Hell, aka Tech Help.
She pictures the guy on the line dressed in a red devil costume and not just because it’s Halloween! He’s wringing his hands, laughing diabolically and hoping Miss CP will just give up and die from hearing Muzak before anybody actually answers her questions. Miss CP sits there on hold, wondering what Danika Patrick sees in these GoDaddy-types. When a nice man finally answers, he says he’ll just go ahead and put in a four-digit code for me which is the MAGIC code the kittehs are holding out on.
Alas, the fix wasn’t quite so easy. Miss CP waited the obligatory hour and nada. So she beat her chest, summoned her courage and waded into the gibberish that Blogger had been showing her for two days. MAGIC! Those cats aren’t getting any salmon treats from this Code Warrior. She’s like most other writers she knows, though. When it comes to cat codes, Miss Crankypants does not compute.

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    • Beth, Painful isn’t it? Miss CP considers her feat on a par with Visigoths sacking Rome. If she can get her website to work, she can do ANYthing. Thanks for reading. Miss CP aka Linda

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