Linda S. Clare has always been a daydreamer, artist and storyteller. She received her first paid byline for a poem published in the Denver Post newspaper when she was a high school student. She’s been writing professionally since 1993 and has taught fiction, memoir and essay writing for Lane Community College for more than a dozen years. In addition to her published books, award-winning short stories, articles and essays, she works as an expert writing advisor for George Fox University and is a frequent presenter at writer’s conferences.

Her alter ego, Miss Crankypants, has loads of fun and laughs, mostly at Cranky Cat’s expense, in weekly blog rants that are chock-full of fat cats and CRANKYTUDE! In addition to doting on grandbabies, collecting too many cats, gardening and walking on the beach, she loves to write and to help writers develop their skills. She lives in Oregon with her family and all those wayward cats.


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  1. Hi Linda: I don’t know if you remember, but I took your class exactly a year ago. I was wondering if you are teaching the “publishing” class you sometimes offer. Thank you.
    Steve Knight

  2. I am so glad that I discovered your Internet site. Kindness and empathy are quintessential, and your site seems to suggest your fine qualities relating respectfully with people as you empower their energies when writing. Thank you.

    • So sorry I didn’t get this message sooner. Thanks so much–I do believe that kindness and empathy are paramount in writing.
      Take care and make haste to be kind,

  3. Dear Linda,
    I read your story in All My Creatures about your husband & his rabbit.The story touched my heart.God bless you & your husband.Today is Veterans Day (11/11 /23).I remember & thank your husband & all those who served & are serving now for our country.
    Walter Radwick
    Age 83

    • Hi Walter,
      How nice of you to honor my husband on this Vet’s Day. The rabbit came to us about 7 or 8 years ago and is still going strong! She lives in a special pen with heat lamps and air conditioning that we call the “Playboy Mansion,” cuz there’s a Bunny in there. 🙂 You didn’t say whether or not you too are a vet, but if you are, I salute you and thank you for serving our country.
      Happy Veteran’s Day,

  4. Happy Veterans Day and thank your husband for his service. I took am married to a VN vet servicing 2 tours of duty and yes suffers from PTSD. How did you decide on a rabbit to help him? We have two corgis that unfortunately do not get along so there are days that I feel like I have a battlefield in my living room. Of course, my husband gets very agitated and I don’t know how to calm him and the dogs at the same time. Any tips to help me would be great!

    • Hi Lois,
      Thanks for writing, and Happy Veteran’s Day to you & yours too. As far as any tips go–my Marine suffered for years yet wouldn’t apply for VA Disability until after he had a heart attack. He has severe PTSD too. We really didn’t choose the rabbit–she chose us. My hubs was standing outside early one June morning and a bunny hopped across our yard. He thought it was our neighbor’s and he grabbed his fishing net ad chased her down the street. Well, our neighbor’s bun was fine, so now we had a rabbit. Eight years later, she is still my hubby’s friend. He says to always be on the lookout for stray bunnies (people dump them) and if you want a bunny, get a lop-eared one–they are so soft and cuddly. Hope this helps, and I salute your husband–thank him for his service, too. I have a newsletter called The Deep End if you wish to follow my writing.
      Take Care,

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