“There are only two kinds of writing: Writing that works and writing that NEEDS work.”
—Linda S. Clare


You’re on fire to write. You can’t NOT write. You write as much as often as you can and you dream of publishing that story, article or novel. But how? Maybe you’re gathering rejections from editors and agents or you’ve entered several contests with not even an Honorable Mention. You’re stuck.

I specialize in analyzing your work and helping you pinpoint areas that are holding you back. We can discover and work on these areas in several ways: Consult, Evaluate, Mentor or Edit.

General Consult

“If you’re stuck or can’t seem to fix a writing problem, Linda shows you the path and motivates you to reach your writing goals.”
–Writer DL

In a writer consultation I read and analyze your novel’s short synopsis or nonfiction overview and the first chapter in order to help you strengthen the places where you shine and adjust the places that need work. Or you can discuss your overall writing goals, your platform or any other writing-related area. We then chat either over the phone, on Skype or in person if possible, to strategize, set goals and suggest tools such as techniques, research books or other content to help you meet those goals. A one hour consult after I read your material is $100.00.

Manuscript Evaluation

“A manuscript evaluation gives you the best chance of success to pinpoint and remedy weak spots before you begin the submission process.”
C.S. Lakin

Is your novel ready to shop for an agent? Is the manuscript as polished as it needs to be? In manuscript evaluation, I can usually answer those kinds of questions and pinpoint areas which still need attention. I read your short synopsis (500 words) and the first three chapters and evaluate it for genre appropriateness, active scenes, forward movement and several other crucial parts of good novels. I’ll tell you if you have too many characters or an unlikable main character, whether your story’s goals are clear, whether or not the stakes are high enough and if your scenes contain enough tension. I’ll give you specific feedback on how to pump up the areas which sag and how to insert back story in a way that your reader can handle.

Mentoring Program

“Linda Clare helped me improve my writing skills. She’s a patient and compassionate teacher.”
–Kristi T.

Writers mentor with a veteran for lots of different reasons. Perhaps you want help with a specific manuscript or project, pitch or help with building your platform. Maybe you’ve received encouraging rejection or feedback but don’t know how to incorporate the advice into your writing. Or maybe you simply want someone to be accountable to or some individual writing instruction. Whatever the need, I help you “take the next step” in your writing life. A one month mentorship involves four meetings in which we discuss (in person, by phone or email) your goals and I then give you specific assignments meant to improve your skills in whatever areas you wish. Limit of 50 pages, but you can combine opening chapters with a synopsis or a book proposal. I also offer a three month mentorship. Contact me for more details.

Editing Services

“Linda’s sharp editorial eye and ability to remedy structural flaws makes her a great content editor.”
–Jacob L.

Editing is far more than simply fixing typos and misspelled words. Many writers use freelance editors before they enter contests, shop for an agent, self-publish or approach a traditional publisher. I If you need a partial or full manuscript edit, I am available for content or developmental editing and a limited amount of comprehensive and/or copy edits. My strength is in seeing the big picture, in examining and analyzing structure, characterization and story, and then working with you to achieve a compelling and highly readable manuscript. Rate sheet is available if you wish to discuss editing.

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