Linda loves speaking to groups large or small and enjoys connecting with others. She has led women’s retreats in wooded settings, given addresses in large auditoriums and has been sought after for keynote presentations and special events. Whether she speaks at a library, school, church or home, she loves getting to know as many as attendees as possible.

Linda’s engaging and articulate style helps make her a dynamic speaker, and her personal experience with disability and discrimination give her authenticity and genuineness not easily duplicated. At the same time, she is positive and optimistic, and her self-effacing humor lightens up any crowd.

Since Linda’s books offer hope for the wounds of life, she has developed a repertoire of speaking topics. Her novels feature Native Americans and she claims Choctaw/Cherokee heritage, so she frequently speaks about various tribes. She gives voice to such topics as TBI (Traumatic Brain Injury); physical disabilities vs. “invisible disabilities” (e.g. MS, Post-polio, fibromyalgia, COPD). And she has written about her children and the problem of addiction and mental illness so she is well-versed in navigating challenges of being the co-dependent mom.

Some of her most requested topics include:
• Native American Culture: Then and Now
Exploring the history of how forced assimilation in the 19th and early 20th centuries changed American Indian life.

• Quilting, Poverty and the American Indian
How white settlers’ quilting patterns were adopted by Native Americans and used to promote pride and heritage.

• A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to Episcopalandia
A Mostly Humorous Account of How a Protestant Found a Place in the Liturgical Church

• Love Your Addict, Not the Addiction
An interactive talk for concerned loved ones of addicts: what not to do and how not to do it.

• How to Survive Your Next Catastrophe
When miracles don’t deliver you out, you can be sure God will carry you through.

• Crankytude!
Linda’s alter ego, Miss Crankypants, along with Cranky Cat, tells you how to go from Crankytude to Gratitude.

Linda also speaks and teaches regularly at writer’s conferences, retreats and workshops.

Linda is an experienced and motivational speaker and would love to be a guest for your event. She’s happy to help you plan the right presentation for your group.

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