How to Be a Blogger in the Writing World

Whenever I teach a writer how to set up and maintain a blog, I almost always get the same deer-in-headlights reaction. “What on earth will I write about?”
This isn’t rocket science, people. Besides if you follow Miss Crankypants’ rules, you’ll do fine.

  • Rule #1. Be Brief. Limit your posts to 250 words. Interesting how many writers don’t know when to shut up. Think of those little daily devotional books, like Upper Room. There’s a reason the stories, verse and thought for the day all fit on page the size of my palm. After all, so many people read on their phones while driving to work.
  • Rule #2. Be Inconsistently Consistent. I wonder how many thousands of blogs are floating around in cyberspace, dying of neglect. Writers with good intentions (I know I really need to blog) start them, write two posts that are horrible and long and then abandon the blog or post something new approximately once a decade. Get a schedule! You can post once a year if you wish, but just do it.
  • Rule #3. Food for Thought. Whenever you can’t think of one single thing to post about, you can always turn to food. Everyone loves food. Write about how a novel is like a seven course meal, or why today’s reader has the attention span of meatloaf. And recipes! SO many authors post recipes, as if they’re out to prove that if they can’t build a readership with their books, well, everybody loves a good recipe for fudge. It is hard to eat fudge while reading on your phone as you drive to work, but if you post about food, you’ll never run out of material.

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