Closet Christian Writer

Last year I was asked to be a writing coach for a conference I’ve attended for decades. I did so with gusto, and reveled in the conferees’ kudos and praises. I supposedly changed one woman’s life. How cool is that? This year, though, things aren’t looking so hot. The teaching roster has already been announced […]

Why Writers Need Perfect Teeth

Why Writers Need Perfect Teeth

A few years ago, most writers’ dentition reflected years of coffee and tea drinking and the occasional front tooth gap or overlap. Unless you were a kid, a light shade of dull yellow was normal. Actors had to shell out thousands for veneers, but the rest of the arts demanded only that you were good […]

Enter the Dragon

Moms everywhere know that we usually dodgecontagions that hit the household—just long enough to nurse, wait on andcomfort everyone else back to health. Then, wham. The rest of the familyresumes their normal activities while Mom makes her own chicken soup. That’swhen my family treats me like I’m an alien, and all because I sound funny […]

Life is What Happens

. . . While you’re making other plans, right? I was all set to rant about the way we writers are pressed to have perfect teeth, when my loving husband of thirty-four years got into a fender-bender on his way to work this morning. He was rear-ended and then his poor old 1981 truck (aka […]

How to Be a Blogger in the Writing World

Whenever I teach a writer how to set up and maintain a blog, I almost always get the same deer-in-headlights reaction. “What on earth will I write about?”This isn’t rocket science, people. Besides if you follow Miss Crankypants’ rules, you’ll do fine. Rule #1. Be Brief. Limit your posts to 250 words. Interesting how many […]

Writing in the Dark

On December 21st, many writers and bloggers post about this being the shortest day of the year. How nice to be reminded for the forty-sixth time that it’s blinkin’ dark outside. And in Oregon, it’s really really dark. At three PM. Oregon’s so close to the arctic circle, that you can’t grow watermelon due to […]