Hoofing It

Day two of my writer-spring-into-shape challenge finds me facing down my own rule. So I got out there and walked before breakfast. Yay! Yesterday I walked two miles and ate a piece of celery. Just kidding about the celery, but I am mindful of what I eat (whenever I crave carbs, I play the doc’s words in my head: “Your weight is up a bit.” I’d already taken the fool’s way out and shut my eyes at the scale. I instructed the nurse to “just write down the dang number and don’t announce to the world that I weigh half as much as your average sedan.”) I’m not starving yet but give me until noon. By then, I’ll probably want to gnaw off my own arm.
Writing Tip for Today: Creating a new routine isn’t easy. They say it takes 30 reps to make a new habit stick. How about 500 words to match the 1 mile walk? Or pair your keyboard goals or editing time with a nice veggie plate. Put only the ones you really like on the plate. No, french fries aren’t considered veggies. For me it’s cukes, celery, carrots, jicama, and snow peas that make good computer-time noshies. You might like different ones . I might even allow myself a teensy dab of ranch dressing.

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