When You Are Your Character

They say as people age, they start to look like their dogs. And it seems as if every term at least a few student novel writers come to class confused about novels and memoirs. As in which one is supposed to be fiction. But they also say you should write what you know. So I’m […]

Christmas Book Blues

You would think a writer like moi would run out of things to gripe about. But nooo. Today I dig deep for a situation many of us find ourselves in. What to get our loved ones for Christmas? Even if you don’t celebrate the Big Day, I’ll bet you’ve wracked your brain at one time […]

Magic Formulae

Greetings, earthlings. Miss Crankypants now officially knows why becoming an excellent writer is so not enough in today’s market. It’s because so many of you aren’t self-publishing and making a million bucks off the worst writing possible. Or perhaps I’m a tad bitter. I sat next to several excellent writers at Saturday’s Author Faire–which, I’m […]

Book Faire!

In a short period of unabashed self-promotion, I wanted to let all you faithful readers who live in Lane County Oregon know that tomorrow, Dec 10, 2011, I’ll be selling signing and whining (but probably no wining and dining) The Fence My Father Built, which is STILL in the Top 20 Paid Kindle Christian Fiction […]

Branding, Schmanding

Miss Crankypants is officially against author branding. I know, you’re supposed to have a catchy slogan, a tag line that separates you from the madding crowd. Bologna! Some of these tag lines make my head want to explode. To wit: A very good friend and super writer recently started a blog. You know, because you’re […]

Too Late for Submissionophobes

A very good writer met with a very good agent at a summer conference, and agent invited a submission. And not just any old submission–a requested submission. For many of us that’s like winning the Golden Ticket.Except when we’re too scared to cash it in. By the time the writer has sent in the requested […]

You’re So Funny–Or Not

Time for a new gripe. I’ve read some manuscripts recently that tried to throw in jokes and puns. Unfortunately, the jokes were awful and the puns lived up to groaner status. Why is humor so hard to write? In one novel, I could practically see the author laughing at the worst jokes ever, saying, “Self, […]

Crankier than Ever

OK, so we got through Thanksgiving and the birth of my grandchild. Naturally, I woke up today with the mother of all fever blisters and a head cold. My husband reports that I snored “like a buzz saw” all night long. I am not in a good mood. Some writers say they have to write […]

Sneaky Writing Ways for New Parents

I’ve got grandbabies on the brain–my first, Bodhi, just got born this morning at 5:43, and boy are we all tired. His mom, sweet Roxy, is completely exhausted, as is the daddy, my oldest son Nathan. While I wait for them to take a well-deserved nap, I’m thinking about how writers with children, grandchildren, steps, […]