Trapped in the Pink Bathroom!

Continuing our profound and meaningful talk on the color PINK, has Miss Crankypants ever mentioned that she is forever shamed due to her ghastly pink bathroom?
It’s true.
See, during the GREAT RECESSION, otherwise known as The Great Sucky Time, the Cranky clan was forced to relocate. Miss CP had just redecorated her bathroom in a tasteful zen theme, complete with bamboo, softly falling water and pleasing neutral colors. Suddenly, KAPOW! They were left to find a rental home in the area. Too bad the place has a wall-to-wall pink bathroom. All you little Princesses, no you can’t have a sleepover in the Pink Princess Palace!
A bit of back story: The pink bathroom came into existence after a single guy & former tenant who also happened to be a contractor, decided to do a little redecorating too. Dude put up pink tiles with lovely Victorian rose accents from floor to ceiling in the shower. They must have had a sale on pink tiles because Dude didn’t stop gluing up tiles until the entire bathroom had been plastered with them. Then he added a pink counter top, matching door trim and even pink flooring. Which adds up to entirely too much pink!
So what’s a zen-minded tenant to do? You can’t just paint over tiles. Formica isn’t easy to change either. The Crankies did manage to gray out the remaining wall with, um, gray paint. But any way you look at it, it’s PINK.
You close the door for a little respite and pink assaults you from all angles. And if it’s your first time in the Bathroom of Pink, you gasp as your own reflection stares at you from the giant shower door mirrors! It’s not a stretch to say this PINKish bathroom is famous for getting otherwise content moochers to move along.
This, Miss CP figures, is her punishment for being a victim of the Great Sucky Time. If you have any freeloader relatives you’d like to get rid of, send ’em on over. After a few minutes in the Pepto Parlor, they’ll be begging for a bus ticket out of town.

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