Toddler Madness in Crankypants Land!

Bodhi aka T Rex

Miss Crankypants had a great idea for the post today. But then, toddler madness ensued! At the drop of a hat, Grammie Cranky was asked to tend to his first-born grandson, Bodhi. The moment he got here, the toddler hit the ground running.
Which naturally caused all three cats to use their frequent flier miles and take an unplanned vacation. And who wouldn’t be afraid? This kid is FAST. And every single object in the house is a magnet for grubby toddler fingers.
So far, T for Toddler Rex has managed to break all the eggs in the fridge, poured the cats’ water dish into the dry food and upended five pounds of flour. And this was only ion the first five minutes!
Toddlers are curious beasts–Miss CP gets that. Why oh why did she not toddler-proof the house before he arrived. This question is unable to be answered at the moment. There’s an overflowing bathtub to consider.
Sure, T. Rex will be moving on to preschoolerhood very soon. At that point he will be able to name all the colors your face is turning after he’s tried to flush your priceless collection of Beanie Babies. But for now, it’s sippy cup chaos in the Crankypants household. The floors are strewn with Cheetos, squished bananas and a trail of milk from his cup. The odds are long that Miss CP will win this round. Right now, she’s just trying to live through toddler madness.

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