Digital Book Cards: Next Big Thing?

Just as I thought, others have already proposed instant book selling or pitching. Don’t know if it’s exactly like a QR code, but a colleague tells me about a “Digital Book Card” workshop at this year’s Willamette Writers Conference. Say what?

Writing Tip for Today: What’s a digital book card, anyway? Whether you are pitching or you’ve already published a book (or movie script) digital book cards promise a quick, handy way to access your book’s files for potential buyers or to show to prospective agents. Here’s the info I got from my writing colleague who sat in on the workshop:
Imagine having a gift card in your pocket to download your latest book (or movie project).

   “You are a writer? A screenwriter?  I’d love to see your book/ movie.”  Now you can pull out the card and sell them one on the spot and they can download it to their phone or computer, etc.

 It looks like the card could cost 46 cents to $1.00 each, but might be good for promotional purposes.

Cheri Lasota, who conducted a great Marketing workshop using an online presentation called Prezi (it’s free). You can click in on the objects and zoom in using your mouse wheel:

 Stay away from greenerside digital’s book card website recommended by Cheri. It has been hacked and I got a virus warning by AVG virus protection. The related blog looks safe:

OK. Do you think these book cards are the next big thing or not and why?

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