Rare Earth by Davis Bunn

Rare Earth, Book 2 in the Marc Royce series from Bethany House, is Davis Bunn’s July 2012 release. Although it’s part of a series, Rare Earth is a standalone book packed with Bunn’s trademark action and adventure.
Marc Royce is once again the protagonist and unlikely hero–who’d ever guess that Royce is an accountant? This time Royce is thrust into Africa’s famed Rift Valley–a primeval landscape in Kenya, where Earth’s molten core is literally exposed. Royce’s day job may be crunching numbers, but he’s really interested in the Valley’s rare earth minerals–once obscure elements that now are vital to the world’s high tech industries.
High-technology is a world away from the refugee camps of the area, where tribal rivalries and greed threaten to ignite the region in war. Royce seizes on a bold plan to restore peace, but in doing so risks everything.

My review: I’m not a thriller reader, but Bunn’s sharp characters and fast-paced action drew me into Rare Earth. He paints the proud Kenyan refugees with grace and is sure to open the eyes of those who mistakenly believe Africa is only a place of heartbreaking famine, lowland gorillas or big game hunters. Bunn’s writing does justice to the breathtaking landscape of the Rift Valley, and Mark Royce is a compelling character. As a writer whose own main characters have included a librarian, I’m glad to see occupations such as accounting in the lead role. If you loved The Lion of Babylon, you’ll love Rare Earth. My sense is that you won’t be able to put it down.

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