Sinkholes: Time Suckers of the Writing Life

Friday I missed posting here. And it has haunted me all weekend. I feel a certain obligation to my readers and I let you down. Why? I was distracted by too much doing, not enough writing, and caught in the sinkhole of depression.
Writing Tip for Today: I’d love to say, “Yes don’t we all face the dizzying pace of life as we try to carve out a time to write?” And at times, doesn’t it all get us down ? But truthfully, I’ve been more guilty of just hiding my head and pretending I don’t see you, faithful readers.
The only conclusion or bit of wisdom I can offer is that yes, a writer will have bad days, weeks. Long stretches wherein you are certain no one will ever notice you. Seasons where your loved ones will all suggest (in the kindest possible way) that you get a real job or at least a less expensive hobby.
That sinkhole gets deeper when you think of all your writer friends with best sellers or a fat new ten book contract or whose book has just been optioned. And at times, you and I will deal a tad ungraciously, throw things against the wall, vow to never write another word or my favorite, threaten to throw the whole project into the fire. I’m always aghast when I remember my poor behavior in dealing with the writing life’s little disappointments: No, your book isn’t going into a second printing, sorry no one wants to translate your work into Latvian, we regret to inform you that your book is now officially OOP.
I don’t ever really understand why I don’t give up or take my loved ones’ advice and become a psychiatric nurse. Truth is, the sun will come out tomorrow, I will have used up my 24 hour pity party window and it’ll be time to climb back on that donkey and ride. By tomorrow, let’s hope I have come to my senses. And I’ll bet that just like you, my writing will be better because I got through another big sinkhole on the writing journey.

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I'm an author, speaker, writing coach and mentor. I teach both fiction and nonfiction writing at Lane Community College and in the doctoral program as expert writing advisor for George Fox University. I love helping writers improve their craft and I'm both an avid reader and writer of stories about those with wounded hearts.

3 comments on “Sinkholes: Time Suckers of the Writing Life

  1. This is the writing life. Something we have to learn to deal with year after year. Thanks for sharing those honest thoughts. The good news, though, is as traditional publishing and their power fades into the sunset, we authors can now take control of our books and sell and market them and create our own success. I know the feeling of helplessness for me being under the all-powerful authority of the publishing world has been like being a servant praying for a chance at freedom while working in a dark dungeon, never knowing if I will ever get out, regardless of how hard I tried. I’m glad to see things changing in such a positive way for authors and know you will find the joy in it as well!

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