Life is What Happens

. . . While you’re making other plans, right? I was all set to rant about the way we writers are pressed to have perfect teeth, when my loving husband of thirty-four years got into a fender-bender on his way to work this morning. He was rear-ended and then his poor old 1981 truck (aka Truckie-poo) crashed into the car in front of him. So I suppose the condition of my teeth is small potatoes compared with having a wreck on the wettest day of the year.
My sweetie had to stand in the pouring rain and direct traffic for 30 minutes. We’re not sure if the truck is salvageable but we’re sure Truckie-poo’s front-end is smashed. Husband isn’t sure whether he has a whiplash, but he’s positive his shoes are soaked. What kind of writer-related griping can I do in the face of this kind of a day?
Actually, I can relate. Today is also the last day of Winter Break, and I had big plans for a rockin’ fiction writing session. Hubby was going to be at work all day and before noon I’d be in the Zone.
Instead, I’m helping get husband’s shoes dry, cooking lunch and trying to untangle my nerves. Which goes to prove that Life will conspire to suck away your writing time if you aren’t vigilant.
Word Count is what happens if you lock yourself in a room and never answer the phone, but I couldn’t let the dear man stand out directing traffic in the pouring rain all day, now could I? Not while I still have a tooth left in my head.

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