At Christmas, Time Is Money

When I was in college, I was either flat broke and had no way to buy gifts, or else I was working some horrible retail job and had no time. Then, during the mommy years, I had no time and no money. I was an art major, so I always came up with clever handmade presents. I now have a hunch that they probably were as welcome as a crocheted toilet paper holder.
But now I’m a writer. What sort of clever handwritten missive is suitable for framing or at least inscribing on some non useful item?
For starters, how about a poem? My own daughter wrote a poem and had it engraved on the top of a simple wood jewelry box. It’s not the best poetry, but it was heartfelt and means everything to this old sentimental mom. So go ahead, get really rhymey, really sappy. Your loved one will swoon.
Or, consider a brief paean to a loved one, written in calligraphy on some nice handmade paper. You don’t even have to know calligraphy–drug stores carry chisel-tipped markers that do most of the work for you. And if you mess up, ink blots are pretty easy to convert into heart shapes.
OR: An original Christmas story with your loved one written into the plot. Since I am gaga for all things grandchild this year, this is a must. My grandson Bodie will think he invented Christmas before I’m through.
Best. Idea. Yet! Go to a thrift or dollar store and buy the ugliest statue or figurine you can find. Tie a bow around its neck and attach a placard with Best Writer Award 2011 written on it. Give it to your writing partner or members of your crit group. They’ll be able to say they’re award-winning writers without having to cross their fingers.

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