Writer in Waiting

Waiting. It’s what writers do. But do we do it well? We’re told to submit our queries and manuscripts. Then, we plan to wait anywhere from six to eight weeks. In our iPad world, this amounts to eons, during which we age prematurely and eat way too much chocolate. But never mind, any writer worth her salt learns the rules. We are pros, and pros can out wait anything the writing world can throw at us. Right?
The first rule of waiting is to practice your Game Face. You can adopt the perfect game face by observing and imitating a cat. Except for big-eyed kittens, any cat will do—it’s the look of boredom perfected over thousands of years of cats not giving a fig about anything. I’m sure cats invented the word “ennui.”And that’s exactly what a writer in waiting must do—act as though the writing, on which you have poured out your blood, sweat and tears, means nothing. Nada. Zippo.
Next, develop Manuscript Amnesia. In secret, you may keep a detailed log of your submissions, but to the outside world, you may have sent something out to such-and-such publication or one of those literary agents, but who’s counting? But be careful: If you forget which agents or editors have already rejected you and resubmit to them, they’ll suddenly remember you in not very nice terms.
Finally, be sure to pack in Extra Provisions. Waiting is not for the faint of heart, and writers have been known to succumb while editors/agents make up their minds. Famous writers have held on with the use of strong coffee, (Voltaire) Diet Dr. Pepper (Me) or something stronger (You know who you are). Unless you stock up on appropriate libations and munchies, your loved ones may find your mummified body at the computer, covered in cobwebs and cookie crumbs, still waiting. Oh, the horror! Learn to wait like a pro.

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  1. Good, jaz. You do know that from now until after New Year’s the whole industry screeches to a halt, right? The wait just got longer. Thanks for dropping by. ~Miss CP aka Linda

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