Piranhas: Writer, Know Thy Audience

Aside from the piranhas, last week, was amazing for this writer. Piranhas are readers who’ll get any free book offered and then proceed to shred the book. I was warned, but when these bloodthirsty little critters post their negative reviews, I’m never quite prepared. I admit I get curious: what books would this reader give a stellar rating? In the few awful reviews of my novel that I’ve found on Amazon, I was relieved to note that none of them had any other women’s fiction on their book lists. Let’s hope the word-of-mouth doesn’t have sharp teeth.

Writing Tip for Today: Who is your target audience? No fair saying, “Everyone.” The reason I’m bringing it up is to stress that every writer must learn who his/her audience is. As Mary DeMuth wrote recently, “Know your tribe.” If my target audience likes the book, it can’t be all bad. Sure, a cruddy review from a piranha smarts as it nibbles away on your sensitive ego, but as long as you’re pleasing your tribe, you can step out of the water with your toes and your writer’s pride intact.
Winners! The winners of free hard copies of The Fence My Father Built are Carmen7351 and Timmer. Congratulations! Thanks to all who entered. The books will be sent as soon as possible. No purchase or skill was required for the giveaway.

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3 comments on “Piranhas: Writer, Know Thy Audience

  1. I popped over here after reading your comment on Brandilyn’s blog. I love the piranhas term and I was fascinated by what you uncovered on Amazon about your reviewers. You have a great attitude about the whole thing. Keep it up!

    PS-I have The Fence My Father Built in my TBR. Can’t wait to get to it.

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