Three Rules for Writing a Query Letter

I’m channeling one of my favorite bloggers today. Agent Nathan Bransford has a great little blog and today he’s discussing query letters. I don’t mind at all stepping aside to let an expert tell it like it is. Besides, I’m tired. No I didn’t go St. Paddy’s Day bar hopping. But I’ve had a ton o’ fun with well-wishers and wonderful friends sending good birthday vibes my way. Back to the grindstone.
One of the first items of biz for my Business of Writing class, beginning TUESDAY March 31 (I screwed up the day on an announcement at FaceBook) is to study query letters for agent shopping. Since literary agent Nathan Bransford wrote an excellent blog on the subject today I’m going to send you there:

Writing Tip for Today: Remember Somerset Maugham’s quote? “There are three rules for writing a novel. Unfortunately, nobody knows what they are.”? Applies to query letters, too IMHO. Beware any writing teacher or mentor who claims to know it all. If your guru’s attitude is always, “My way or the highway,” you may not be getting the “best” info. In fact, with queries I find there are as many “best” ways to write them as there are agents. Since Bransford’s an active agent who actually sells books for authors, I’m happy to endorse his advice as one really good way to query an agent.

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