Life Is Not Fiction

Last post I wrote, “Life is not fiction.” Then, of course life tackled me from behind in a most unpleasant way. I’m OK but posting went by the wayside for a few days. As I recover from the fall-out, I’d like to invite anyone living in the Willamette Valley to come support me this coming Saturday evening @ Tsunami Books (at 2585 Willamette St, Eugene) @ 5PM. I’ll be reading from and discussing the Native American themes in my novel, The Fence My Father Built. I’m hoping to see many of you there. In addition to reading from my way cool book, I’ll be “opening” for renowned Native flute player and teacher, John Sarantos. This is very creative marketing. I don’t remember hearing of an author as the opening act for a musician, but I’m game. Please (if you have a shred of compassion!) show up on Saturday @ 5PM. to cheer me on.

Writing Tip for Today: Tsunami is one of the last indie bookstores in the Willamette Valley area of Oregon. All who pursue writing, as a career or as a student, ought to appreciate the tough climate for all booksellers, and especially independent stores. Supporting your local authors and bookstores is a great way to ensure quality books for years to come or even your own spot on the shelf when you publish. Get creative about marketing and maybe one day you too can open for a concert. I’m excited!

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