Teacup Chihuahua Marketing

My computer was in the shop for a few days but it’s back now, running smoothly for a change. Marketing seems not to run so smoothly for me–especially when my little grand-dog Bella is on my lap. I think the marketing stuff would still come in fits and starts, even without Chihuahua power. I’ll get really hot about some idea, then I’ll feel exhausted and shrink back into writing mode. A little later, I come roaring out of the cave, ready to take on Oprah or at least my local booksigning gateperson.
While I am doggie-sitting for Bella,I’m reminded of a few simple things that always make my book marketing efforts seem easier.
Writing Tip For Today:
Baby Steps for the Plan With a squirmy little dog on my lap, I sometimes feel as if I can’t do much except sit here. But if I have a plan and if I don’t have to implement all aspects of that plan today, I manage to inch ahead. All I have to do is take a baby step today.
Don’t Be Afraid to Ask Some writers are more reluctant than others to get out there and stump for their own book. Last week, for instance, I got the brilliant idea to approach a book club I’d read about in a local church Fall Class schedule. When I started to pick up the phone, fear struck. What if they weren’t interested, thought I was a goon, hung up on me? I got over that quickly but I reminded myself that the worst than could happen is that they’d say no thanks. They said yes, by the way. Conquering the Eugene-Springfield area, one book club at a time.
Think Globally, Act Locally This bumper sticker could be about writers trying to promote their work. We want to think and dream big–Oprah, here I come–but in the meantime, we want to do what we can right where we live. Yes, the blog and other social network sites are part of where you live. And Bella says, “Don’t forget the dog treats.” Woof.

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