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Still plugging away, spreading the word about our Abingdon fiction launch which burst outta the gates on August 1st of this week. I’ve been told by the editor that Judy Christie’s Gone to Green is the book in the 7-title launch which most closely matches my own in style and setting, so today I’d like to feature her book.

Gone to Green is Judy’s debut novel, but she’s also the author of a series, Hurry Less, Worry Less, on living a more stress-free life. I love Judy’s Lois Barker character, who trades her corporate life at a large newspaper for ownership of the Green News-Item in rural Green, Louisiana. Lois gets the shock of her life when she learns that the friendly small town atmosphere also has an undercurrent of prejudice and financial corruption. She battles injustices, making friends and enemies along the way, and at the end of her first year in Green, discovers a newfound faith and unexpected blessings. Who doesn’t need more blessings?

I was pulled into Judy’s world and had to find out what happens to Lois Barker. I’m from the Western United States, so life in the deep South is quite a mystery to me. The quirks of the folks in Green rang authentic, though, and I didn’t want to leave. Turns out, I won’t have to leave Green for long. This is only book one in a series about Green, and I cannot wait to find out what happens in the next installment. Go directly to Amazon, your favorite bookstore or to and order Judy’s fine debut. Being green is all the rage these days, as we all try to lessen our carbon footprints and offset greenhouse emissions. Gone to Green is sure to amuse, entertain and get you thinking deeply about issues that matter. You rock, Judy! Tomorrow: The Prayers of Agnes Sparrow, by Joyce Magnin.

Writing Tip for Today: If you are writing a novel, look at your own reading habits. What do you love in a novel? Dislike? One way to hone your novel writing skills is to read as many books as possible in the same category you are writing. The idea isn’t to outsmart the competition as much as learn what the audience you are targeting looks for in a good read.

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