Book Review: Blue Like Playdough

Tricia Goyer’s new book from Waterbrook/Multnomah, Blue Like Playdough, caught my attention right away. I loved it! I’ve stepped on blue playdough, fished it out of toddler mouths and even dug it out of one child’s nose. I’ve certainly made more batches of homemade blue playdough than I care to admit. I’ve never thought of myself as a lump of the stuff, but I can tell that Tricia and I have a lot in common.
I have four now-grown children (including twins) of my own. Over the years I’ve taught art in public school, directed a Christian preschool and run an in-home daycare. So that makes me a Blue Playdough Authority.
Tricia’s writing style reminds me a bit of my good friend Heather Harham Kopp, who used to write parenting columns for Virtue Magazine. Tricia’s wit and genuine openness to God shines through in every short chapter. This is a great book to keep stashed in the bathroom or on the kitchen counter (Tip to Moms: If you read standing up while kid plays with wooden spoons and pan lids on the floor, the child thinks you are “working” and doesn’t interrupt as often).
Somehow I have misplaced the cover art and blurb for this wonderful little gem of a book, but head over to, look up Multnomah and order one for yourself and a stack of them for the other moms you know. If you are blue playdough in God’s capable hands, you may just come out of these toddler and preschool years alive. Visit Tricia on the web at:

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