Start Singing

This month I get to lead a women’s three-day retreat for my church. We’ll go up the beautiful McKenzie River and laugh, cry, mess around with art, sing some more and learn about the ways God is revealing himself in our lives. I wanted to write a book called GodSong, a spiritual memoir, but I was told by my agent that I had to build a platform first. So I offered to lead this retreat. Along the way, God has directed me to change my intention for GodSong and make it more reader take-away oriented. I’ve been thinking about that and have decided that God sing/speaks to me mainly through sensory avenues: in actual music or other art forms, through the Scriptures and in those I meet.
No matter how I try, I can’t stop thinking that God is interested in my life, that God orchestrates the universe somehow. I’m kind of a hopeless Calvinist in a way, stubbornly clinging to the idea that everything happens in my life for a reason. In the past two days I’ve gotten to know three new people that have already enriched my life–and I can’t help but think it’s no accident. Thanks, Susan, Nancy, Jan. Next weekend at the retreat I expect I’ll meet even more wonderful people, as God sings them into my life.

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1 comment on “Start Singing

  1. Oh, when you mentioned that dreaded P word (platform), I remembered what I had been working on so diligently until that word arose as a barrier to my non-fiction writing career! 🙂
    Thanks for the blog review over at Blog Catalog. Would love to get to know you too.

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